Interface IItem

An object which represents a menu item.


Item objects are created automatically by a menu.


  • IItem


The arguments for the command.

caption: string

The display caption for the menu item.

className: string

The extra class name for the menu item.

command: string

The command to execute when the item is triggered.

The dataset for the menu item.

icon: undefined | VirtualElement.IRenderer

The icon renderer for the menu item.

iconClass: string

The icon class for the menu item.

iconLabel: string

The icon label for the menu item.

isEnabled: boolean

Whether the menu item is enabled.

isToggled: boolean

Whether the menu item is toggled.

isVisible: boolean

Whether the menu item is visible.

keyBinding: null | IKeyBinding

The key binding for the menu item.

label: string

The display label for the menu item.

mnemonic: number

The mnemonic index for the menu item.

submenu: null | Menu

The submenu for a 'submenu' type item.

type: ItemType

The type of the menu item.

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