SelectData: {
    column: number;
    localX: number;
    localY: number;
    override: IDisposable;
    region: CellRegion;
    row: number;
    timeout: number;
    type: "select";

A type alias for the select data.

Type declaration

  • Readonly column: number

    The original column that was selected.

  • localX: number

    The current local X position of the mouse.

  • localY: number

    The current local Y position of the mouse.

  • Readonly override: IDisposable

    The disposable to clear the cursor override.

  • Readonly region: CellRegion

    The original region for the mouse press.

  • Readonly row: number

    The original row that was selected.

  • timeout: number

    The timeout delay for the autoselect loop.

  • Readonly type: "select"

    The descriminated type for the data.