An options object for creating a menu bar.

interface IOptions {
    forceItemsPosition?: IOpenOptions;
    overflowMenuOptions?: IOverflowMenuOptions;
    renderer?: MenuBar.IRenderer;


forceItemsPosition?: IOpenOptions

Whether to force the position of the menu. The MenuBar forces the coordinates of its menus by default. With this option you can disable it.

Setting to false will enable the logic which repositions the coordinates of the menu if it will not fit entirely on screen.

The default is true.

overflowMenuOptions?: IOverflowMenuOptions

Whether to add a overflow menu if there's overflow.

Setting to true will enable the logic that creates an overflow menu to show the menu items that don't fit entirely on the screen.

The default is true.

renderer?: MenuBar.IRenderer

A custom renderer for creating menu bar content.

The default is a shared renderer instance.