Interface IPoll<T, U, V>

A readonly poll that calls an asynchronous function with each tick.


T - The resolved type of the factory's promises.


U - The rejected type of the factory's promises.


V - The type to extend the phases supported by a poll.

Type Parameters

  • T

  • U

  • V extends string


  • AsyncIterable<State<T, U, V>>
    • IPoll

Implemented by


disposed: ISignal<IPoll<T, U, V>, void>

A signal emitted when the poll is disposed.

frequency: Frequency

The polling frequency data.

isDisposed: boolean

Whether the poll is disposed.

name: string

The name of the poll.

state: State<T, U, V>

The poll state, which is the content of the currently-scheduled poll tick.

tick: Promise<IPoll<T, U, V>>

A promise that resolves when the currently-scheduled tick completes.


Usually this will resolve after state.interval milliseconds from state.timestamp. It can resolve earlier if the user starts or refreshes the poll, etc.

ticked: ISignal<IPoll<T, U, V>, State<T, U, V>>

A signal emitted when the poll state changes, i.e., a new tick is scheduled.


  • Returns AsyncIterator<State<T, U, V>, any, undefined>

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