Class ContextMenu

An object which implements a universal context menu.


The items shown in the context menu are determined by CSS selector matching against the DOM hierarchy at the site of the mouse click. This is similar in concept to how keyboard shortcuts are matched in the command registry.



_groupByTarget: boolean = true
_idTick: number = 0
_items: IItem[] = []
_sortBySelector: boolean = true
menu: Menu

The menu widget which displays the matched context items.


  • Open the context menu in response to a 'contextmenu' event.


    • event: MouseEvent

      The 'contextmenu' event of interest.

    Returns boolean

    true if the menu was opened, or false if no items matched the event and the menu was not opened.


    This method will populate the context menu with items which match the propagation path of the event, then open the menu at the mouse position indicated by the event.