Class CellEditorController

An object which manages cell editing. It stores editor overrides, decides which editor to use for a cell, makes sure there is only one editor active.




_cell: null | CellEditor.CellConfig = null
_editor: null | ICellEditor = null
_metadataBasedOverrides: Map<string, [Metadata, ICellEditor | Resolver]> = ...
_typeBasedOverrides: Map<string, ICellEditor | Resolver> = ...


  • Choose the most appropriate cell editor to use based on overrides / cell data type.

    If no match is found in overrides or based on cell data type, and if cell has a primitive data type then TextCellEditor is used as default cell editor. If 'default' cell editor is overridden, then it is used instead of TextCellEditor for default.


    Returns undefined | ICellEditor

  • Override cell editor for the cells matching the identifier.


    • identifier: EditorOverrideIdentifier

      Cell identifier to use when matching cells. if identifier is a CellDataType, then cell matching is done using data type of the cell, if identifier is a Metadata, then partial match of the cell metadata with identifier is used for match, if identifier is 'default' then override is used as default editor when no other editor is found suitable

    • editor: ICellEditor | Resolver

      The cell editor to use or resolver to use to get an editor for matching cells.

    Returns void