Class AsyncCellRendererAbstract

An object which renders the cells of a data grid asynchronously.


For performance reason, the datagrid only paints cells synchronously, though if your cell renderer inherits from AsyncCellRenderer, you will be able to do some asynchronous work prior to painting the cell. See ImageRenderer for an example of an asynchronous renderer.

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  • Whether the renderer is ready or not for that specific config. If it's not ready, the datagrid will paint the placeholder using paintPlaceholder. If it's ready, the datagrid will paint the cell synchronously using paint.


    Returns boolean

    Whether the renderer is ready for this config or not.

  • Paint the content for a cell.


    • gc: GraphicsContext

      The graphics context to use for drawing.

    • config: CellRenderer.CellConfig

      The configuration data for the cell.


      The grid will save/restore the gc state before/after invoking the renderer.

      For performance, the cell content is efficiently clipped to the width of the column, but the height is not clipped. If height clipping is needed, the renderer must set up its own clip rect.

      The renderer must not draw outside the cell bounding height.

    Returns void