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Interface IOptions

An options object for initializing a widget. An options object for creating a notification.


  • IOptions



Optional message

message: undefined | string

The message to show on notification.

Optional node

node: HTMLElement

The optional node to use for the widget.

If a node is provided, the widget will assume full ownership and control of the node, as if it had created the node itself.

The default is a new <div>.

Optional placement

placement: Placement

The placement of the notification.

The default is 'bottom'.

Optional tag

tag: keyof HTMLElementTagNameMap

The optional element tag, used for constructing the widget's node.

If a pre-constructed node is provided via the node arg, this value is ignored.


target: HTMLElement

Target element to attach notification to.

Optional timeout

timeout: undefined | number

Duration in ms after which to close notification popup.

The default is undefined, and notification is kept visible Timeout value needs to be greater than zero

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